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  • 1

    408 16th Ave

    Sat. ONLY 7-5

    Nice clean stuff! Household furnishings, dresser, rug, baby and toddler toys, steamer trunk, golf clubs, indoor bicycle trainer, miscellaneous!

  • 2

    101 14th Ave

    F12-5 S8-2

    You'll find something here that you'll love: craft supplies, 45's & 78's, collectible books, kitchen items, fabric, wood scraps, treasures galore!

  • 3

    2135 Country Club Drive

    8-3 F 8-3 S

    silk flowers, household items miscellaneous

  • 4

    906 12th Ave.

    8 AM - 3 PM

    everything you can imagine!

  • 5

    321 8th Ave


    Annual American Cancer Society Sale

  • 6

    1014 Reed

    7-5 F 7-5 S

    little girls clothes size 5-7-8 many other items

  • 7

    South East Street

    7-12 F 7-12 S

    Baked goods, sweet treats, household items, books, antiques and many, many treasures!

What's this all about?

We want to build the Grinnell City Wide Garage Sale into an event that people mark on their calendars every year!
Free up space in your closets and provide others with an opportunity to reuse what you don't want!